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M² Solutions Releases Version 2.0 for the M²Convert Product Family
Dramatically increased conversion speed for all your multimedia files

Charlotte, NC (July 9, 2007) – M² Solutions, a leading developer of multimedia applications, announced today the release of M²Convert version 2.0.  This new version includes updates for M²Convert for iPod, M²Convert for PSP, M²Convert for ZEN, M²Convert for Zune, M²Convert for Smartphones, M²Convert for iPhone, M²Convert CMD and M²Convert Professional.

M²Convert products offer a quick and simple way for consumers to watch video on the go and with version 2.0 users will be able to convert their multimedia files faster than ever.  “The release of version 2.0 for the M²Convert product line signals M² Solutions’ commitment to the evolution of multimedia technology and our ability to change and grow as the multimedia market demands,” stated Dima Daher, M² Solutions, Inc. President.

The M²Convert family of products includes:

  • M²Convert for iPod allows users to store 320+ hours of multimedia on a 80 GB Apple iPod and 640+ hours on a 160 GB iPod, which is twice as much video than can be loaded using only iTunes.
  • M²Convert for iPhone converts DVDs and multimedia files from any supported format to Apple iPhone compatible format.
  • M²Convert for PSP (Sony PlayStation Portable) allows users to store over 2 hours on a 512 MB memory stick, 4 hours on 1 GB memory stick, or 16 hours on a 4 GB memory stick.
  • M²Convert for ZEN allows users to store over 130+ hours of video on the Creative ZEN.
  • M²Convert for Smartphones allows users to convert and compress video and multimedia files to play on their Smartphones.
  • M²Convert for Zune allows users to convert and compress multimedia files to play on their Zune.
  • M²Convert Professional can convert, compress, split, and join files. Use it to create DVDs with chapters, titles and menus and burn them, or batch transcode to any format M²Convert supports. In one simple process, you have complete control of the size, quality and compression.
  • M²Convert CMD allows users to convert and compress files from any multimedia file to any format M²Convert supports using the command line.

Pricing and Availability

The M²Convert family is now available through the M² Solutions website (www.m2solutionsinc.com). Available for the Windows platform, M²Convert for iPod, PSP, ZEN and Smartphones all retail for US $34.99. The Professional edition, which supports all formats, is US $89. Free evaluation copies of the products are available for download.

About M² Solutions Inc.

M² Solutions, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of LEAD Technologies, Inc., publisher of the award winning LEADTOOLS family of software imaging toolkits for developers. M² Solutions, Inc. has been established to create innovative multimedia software, and to market that software to end users. M² will leverage LEAD’s multimedia and compression technologies in the development of its exciting new product line.