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M² Solutions Announces the Release of M²Join and M²Split
These two separate products allow users to split their videos into smaller files and join video clips into one file for greater control over multimedia applications

Charlotte, NC (February 1, 2008) - M² Solutions, a leading developer of multimedia applications, has developed two new products that make joining and splitting video files effortless.  These two applications give users the control to split up large video files or to combine them.

M²Join is used to combine separate video files or audio clips into a single file. The files can be of different formats, frame rates and sizes. “M²Join is a powerful utility which enables users to join different files and have control not only over the target file format but also the audio and video codecs to be used in creating the file,” said Dima Daher, President of M² Solutions, Inc.

M²Split does the opposite of M²Join.  M²Split is an easy to use utility that splits a multimedia file into smaller files. The files can be split by selecting ranges in a player, split into specific time durations or into a number of equal duration clips. “This application is essential for users who want to extract portions of a file to send it via FTP or email and prefer to do it in smaller pieces to ensure the transfer is successful. It is also useful for users that have a full length movie and want to distribute it in daily, weekly, or monthly scenes,” explained Daher.

Both M²Join and M²Split support the following multimedia formats:

  • AVI (.avi) – video and audio
  • OGG (.ogg) – video and audio
  • Wave (.WAV) – audio only
  • Windows Media (.wmv, .wma, .ASF) – video and audio
  • MPEG (.mpg, .mpeg, . m1v, .mp2) – video and audio

Pricing and Availability

M²Join and M²Split from M² Solutions, Inc are available for $34.99. A 15-day free trial download is also available on the website.

About M² Solutions Inc.

M² Solutions, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of LEAD Technologies, Inc., publisher of the award winning LEADTOOLS family of software imaging toolkits for developers. M² Solutions, Inc. has been established to create innovative multimedia software, and to market that software to end users. M² will leverage LEAD’s multimedia and compression technologies in the development of its exciting new product line.

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