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July 2008
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We hope you enjoy our 1st edition of M² News. In each issue, we will feature new and upgraded products, share useful tips and announce upcoming events. In addition, we will make you aware of any product specials that may be in effect.







News - Updates to M²Convert Professionalpro logo

M²Convert Professional makes it easy to convert, compress, enhance, split and join multimedia files and DVDs. Convert any supported format including AVI, WMV, MPEG, ASF, MOV, MP4, OGG, WAV, MP2, 3GP and DivX to another format or portable device such as iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, ZEN and Smartphone.

If you have tried M²Convert Professional in the past, we recently made a few updates that you might like. The latest update offers a one step DVD backup feature as well as a cleaner user interface with new collapsible task lists! Keep reading to find out other features that M²Convert Professional has to offer!

New Updates in M²Convert Professional

  • Updated Interface with collapsible "Actions List".


  • Backing up a DVD is made easier with the new backup wizard. Now you can choose to backup a DVD to a file or to a DVD image in one simple step. Also, you have the option to burn to a DVD right after.

    select dvd

    select target

Online Help Tips





How to Convert File(s) to iPod Compatible Format with
M²Convert Professional

To convert file(s) to iPod compatible format, perform the following steps:


Insert the file(s) you want to convert into the Tasks List.
For information on the formats supported, refer to Supported Input Formats.


Set the general options through the General Setting tab.


Select the Video Codec from the file settings target format page. Note that the LEAD MPEG4 Encoder will be selected by default. The following encoding types are supported:


LEAD H264 Encoder»LEAD H264 is a DirectShow filter for compressing and decompressing Video data using the H264/AVC standard. H264 is the latest video standard developed jointly by ITUand MPEG. H264/AVC provides a far more efficient algorithm for compressing video.It typically outperforms all existing standards by a factor of three to four especially in comparison to the MPEG-2 Encoder.


MPEG-4 Encoder»MPEG-4 encoded files take less time to compress, but generate files that require more space. iPod supports more video size (resolution) options for files encoded with MPEG-4 than with H264.H264 encoded files take longer to create, but generate smaller files.


The LEAD AAC Audio encoder will be used when the file contains audio.


From the Target Format page of the File Settings tab, select the Target Quality.


The following quality settings are supported:»The following quality settings are supported:
Ultra High - TV (Lowest Compression)
High (Low Compression)
Medium (Medium Compression)
Low (High Compression)

High produces the highest quality but the largest file size. Medium produces a medium quality, medium file size. Low produces the lowest quality (yet very good), but the smallest file size.


On the Target Format page of the File Settings tab, select the output video size (resolution). The options available depend upon which video codec is selected.


If you selected the H264 or MPEG4 Encoder in the Video Codec field,you can select from the following resolutions:»you can select from the following resolutions:
640x 480


Set the rest of the options in the File Settings.


Add effects, if you wish.


Click Start Conversion image\IconStartConversion.gif on the Tasks List toolbar to start the conversion process.

To check out the entire "How to" click here.

Success Stories
If you have used an M²Convert product and want to share your experience, then let us know! We'd love to hear from you. Not only will your story be posted on our website, but we will feature it in the newsletter.

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