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M²Convert Professional for Windows Video conversion software developed by a Windows development house.

Audio and Video Codecs used for Compression

A video codec is a software component which compresses and decompresses video. Codec is short for COmpressor and DECompressor. By using codecs for compressing audio and video data into smaller packets that do not consume as much hard disk space or network bandwidth, multimedia applications can provide richer and fuller content.

M²Convert Professional is bundled with several advanced video and audio codecs to make your media files smaller while maintaining the highest quality. Included LEAD codecs: MCMP, MJPEG, MCMW, MJ2K, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H264, Vorbis and AAC.

Click here to see a detailed chart of the LEAD codecs to help you determine which one is right for your application.

LEAD Codecs:

  • LEAD H.264 Video Codec
  • LEAD MPEG-4 Video Codec
  • LEAD MCMP Video Codec
  • LEAD MJPEG Video Codec
  • LEAD MCMW Video Codec
  • LEAD JPEG2000 Video Codec
  • LEAD MPEG-1 Video Codec
  • LEAD MPEG-2 Video Codec
  • LEAD Vorbis Audio Codec
    • Vorbis is an audio compression method used to store digital music or any audio data. The compressed audio data can be stored inside AVI or Ogg files.

Multiplexers included:

  • MPEG-2
  • ISO MP4
  • Vorbis

De-multiplexers included:

  • ISO MP4
  • Vorbis

Why do I need a codec?

Video files can be very large if a good compression algorithm is not used. A live video can contain between 24 to 30 frames per second. A TV quality frame (640x480x24bits/pixel) consumes around 921,000 bytes. This equates to 27MB per second of just video data alone. How big is that? As an example a CD (650MB) would only store 24 seconds of video. Even if size did not matter, the storage devices (CD or hard disk) generally are not fast enough to handle this amount of data. This is valid for both reading or writing data.

The table below includes only a partial list of the codecs included with M²Convert. The Codecs below are LEAD proprietary codecs available in M²Convert.

Video Codecs at a Glance:
Codec Resulting in a 30 fps video (640 x 480) Usage
H.264 Not real time compression, offers the highest compression resolution, smallest file size but takes longer to generate files.
MPEG-4 Not real time compression, offers high quality compression, faster than H264.
MCMP Real time compression, video editing, speed and compression is more important than interoperability
MJPEG Real time compression, video editing interoperability is more important than speed and compression
MCMW Real time compression, editing, higher compression than MCMP, slightly slower than MCMP
MJ2K Not real time compression, and slightly lower compression than MCMW, but higher than MCMP and MJPEG. Use this filter when interoperability is a must.
MPEG-2 Not real time compression, offers higher compression than MCMP, MJPEG, MCMW and MJ2K. Visually lossless Quality. Good for archiving, media storage and DVD.