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3GP Video Format

Please see the article below if you are looking for more information about the 3GP video format.
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3GP Video Format and Smartphone Information

3GP is a modified version of the MPEG-4 or the H263 video format that has been adapted to fit the needs of mobile phones. The video used by M2Convert for Smartphones is based on the h263 video codec and the AMR audio codec. 3GP files are typically viewable on a PC using QuickTime or RealPlayer, otherwise they require a 3GP directShow filter to play in Windows Media Player.

If you are not able to view 3GP files on your PC, this is because you are missing a 3GP codec on your computer. Installing the puchased copy of M2Convert for Smartphones will allow your computer to view 3GP movies without the need to find and download an additional codec. Once M²Convert for Smartphones has been installed and purchased, you should be able to view the converted 3GP videos in Windows Media Player for as long as M²Convert for Smartphones remains installed.

Video Size and Storage on Smartphones

Smartphones are typically not designed to hold large amounts of video because they lack the memory resources and have smaller screen sizes of other devices such as the iPod, Zen or Zune.  As a result, there are some options to consider when creating and storing videos on your phone. You can select different codecs, video sizes and quality levels for the particular phone you are using. Because all videos are different, it is impossible to correlate file size to video time, however, the charts below should provide a rough estimate of resultant file size when converting a 10 minute video to AGP using the available quality levels and video resolutions.

Average file sizes of three separate 10 minute videos converted to 3GP using the settings below
Quality Level
176 x 144
128 x 96

M²Convert offers three products that can convert to 3GP format.

  • M²Convert Professional

    M²Convert Professional is a more comprehensive solution to video conversion and allows for far more than the conversion to 3GP format. This package allows the user to add a wide range of effects to converted videos as well convert to any supported format in addition to 3GP.  M²Convert Professional will also allow you to convert any video you are able to play in Windows Media Player.  This software is designed for users who need more flexibility in their video conversion.

  • M²Convert API

    M²Convert API can also convert to any format M²Convert supports, but it can be controlled through the command line, allowing for the automation of video conversion projects. This product is intended for advanced users only and is useful for batch-processing or automated video conversion applications.

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