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M²Convert Professional for Windows DVD Burning and Creation software developed by a Windows development house.

Create a DVD Using M²Convert Pro

Would you like to create a DVD of your home videos or backup your dvd movies? M²Convert Pro gives you the tools to create high-quality DVDs so that you can fit MORE video on your DVD with exceptional quality results.

After downloading the free trial or full version of M²Convert Pro, follow the steps below to create a DVD.

To Create a DVD you must first create the DVD Image (get the material you want to burn on the DVD ready to burn) and then Burn the DVD.

  • From within the M²Convert Pro Main Menu, select File -> Create DVD (A “Select The Folder Where The DVD Will Be Created” dialog will appear. Browse and select the destination folder you want the DVD to be created in and click OK. A new task will be added and selected in the Tasks List.
  • Set the General Settings.
  • Go to the DVD Settings - Titles/Chapters Page, right-click in the Titles List and choose Add Title. Enter the name for the title and press the Enter key.
  • Add Chapters for each title. With the appropriate title selected in the Titles List, right-click in the Chapters list and click Add. An “Add Source Files dialog” opens to allow you to navigate to the file to be added. When you select a file and click Add to add the file and close the dialog, the file is added to the Chapters list.
  • Set the rest of the options for the DVD Settings Tab. Note that the LEAD MPEG-2 Professional Encoder and the LEAD MPEG Audio Encoder are the default settings for the Video and Audio codecs.
  • Click the Start Converting icon on the Tasks List toolbar to start the conversion process.

Click here to go to the M²Convert Pro product page.

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