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Please make sure to download and test the free evaluation prior to purchasing the product to ensure the software will work as expected on your machine. You will not need to download the software again, purchasing the software will give you a registration key and your software will operate normally.

What are the system requirements?
  • Supported OS: Windows 2000/Xp/Vista/7
  • Hardware Requirements: Pentium II 400MHz or better, 32 MB RAM or better, Monitor capable of displaying 256 colors and 800x600 resolution or better
  • Requires DirectX 8.0 or higher to be installed. For more information on DirectX, refer to http://www.microsoft.com/directx
  • DVD Drive and a DVD playing (software), to convert DVDs

    This software is not compatible with Nero.

  • If you can play the DVD on Windows Media Player (WMP) then M²Convert should be able to convert it.
How long does it take to convert a DVD?

How long it takes to convert a DVD depends on many factors:

  • Computer; mainly CPU speed, how much RAM you have, hard disk and DVD drive speed, and if other software is running.
  • DVD; what type of codec it uses, duration of the movie, and whether it has extra features or not.
  • Format and quality of the target file.
Can I transfer my license to another computer?

Yes. To do this you need to uninstall M²Convert from your computer while connected to the internet, this will deactivate your serial number and you can then use it to activate M²Convert on another computer.

Can I order M²Convert to be shipped to me on a CD?

No. This product is available by download only.

Why can't I convert a VOB file from a DVD properly?

Although VOB files are encoded very much like standard MPEG-2 files, they do not contain the entire information needed for decoding it. That's why it's recommended that you use the VIDEO_TS.IFO file when trying to convert a DVD. This file should contain the needed information.

What is the difference between the trial versions and the full versions?

The evaluation versions of the products insert a watermark in the middle of the output video and run slightly slower than the full versions. The full versions do not produce the watermark.

Please note that the watermark inserted by the trial version is permanent and cannot be removed when the full version is purchased. You must purchase and activate the product to generate a new file in order to have a video without the watermark.

How do I convert my files to iPhone format?
Click the Add Files icon. Add the files that you want to convert. Set your compression, quality and size (resolution). Designate the output folder and click convert.
How do I convert my DVDs to iPhone format?

Insert the DVD into the DVD drive. Click Add DVD and select the files in the Add DVD dialog box and click OK. Click Edit Playlist to select the Titles/Chapters you want to convert (this button is enabled only when the DVD you are converting has a playlist). Set the Compression, Quality and Size, and select the Output Folder. Click Convert.

What screen size should I use to convert my DVD?

To determine the best screen size to use when converting a DVD, you first need to know the aspect ratio of the source DVD.

A DVD with 4:3 aspect ratio (like most TV shows) is best converted using the screen size of 640x480, 480x360, or 320x240.

While a DVD with 16:9 aspect ratio (like widescreen movies) is best converted using the screen size of 640x360, or 320x180.

If you convert a DVD of a certain aspect ratio using a screen size of a different aspect ratio M²Convert will add a black bar to the converted video to cope with that difference. This will make the converted file of a larger size compared to those made using the same aspect ratio.

If you select the Auto Size option, M²Convert will select the best screen size to convert the source file based on it's size and aspect ratio.

The converted movie does not play in full screen on my iPhone?

The iPhone plays back videos in it's 320x480 pixel resolution screen. This is a 4:3 aspect ratio screen.

If the movie you converted is of a different aspect ratio (like the 16:9 aspect ratio used in widescreen movies) then it will not play in full screen on the iPhone.

M²Convert for iPhone does not adjust such movies to iPod's 4:3 ratio. Because doing so means either it has to trim from both sides of the video, or it has to stretch the video longitudinally which means ending with a distorted image.